Just Good are a collective of designers, developers and writers who make great digital products and services. If you’re trying to make a positive change in the world, we’d like to help.

Our story

The more time we spend designing, the more we’ve come to realise that design is never neutral. It will always create change. But it's the type of change we can achieve that interests us at Just Good.

We want to focus our time on amazing people doing amazing work; but who maybe don’t have access to experienced designers. We get excited about using our talents to find solutions that change people's lives for the better. That sustain the earth's resources rather than abuse them.

We're different

We're not doing this for the money, or recognition. We're not interested in awards, reach, likes or networks. We want to make an impact and change the world.

Create positive change

We are convinced that design can make the world a better place - for everyone. If your project improves people’s lives or helps preserve the planet (or both) and you need help, email us or tweet us.